Our Services


Slurry Pit Lining

We supply and install high density polyethylene plastic lining for sealing slurry pits of any sizes. Fully TWI accredited, all of our work is guaranteed for 20 years.


Landfill Lining & Capping

Our team specialise in the lining and capping of landfill sites around the UK. Our high density polyethylene plastic lining provides long term protection for the local environment.


Service & Repair

All of our products and services come with free maintenance and repairs for 12 months. We also provide proactive inspections and reactive on-site repair services.


Attenuation / Storm Water Tanks

We install attenuation and storm water tank lining on sites across the UK, providing long-lasting drainage systems that remove rainwater and ensure blockage of gas emittance.


Landfill Basel Capping

Using the very latest techniques and equipment, our team install landfill capping solutions that securely contain wastage and prevent the release of toxic gasses into the air.


Gas Barriers

Our low linear polyethylene (LLDPE) lining is ideal for use in areas that require methane, carbon dioxide and other noxious gasses to be re-directed or completely blocked.


Reservoirs, Irrigation Lagoons, Garden Ponds & Dirty Water Storage

Any areas of dirty water storage that require long-term lining protection will benefit from the installation of our HDPE solutions that prevent contamination and water evaporation.


Slurry Lagoon Floating Covers

The installation of our high quality slurry lagoon floating covers provides rainwater penetration, while also stopping unpleasant odours becoming airborne.


Pipe Welding for Hydro Electric Systems

Our welding technicians are all TWI accredited, providing high quality fusion welding services for all types of plastic piping up to 900mm in diameter.

Have a Project?

Do you have a project which needs completing and you are unsure of where to go for help? Contact I.G. & M.M. Jones to see how we can help you. Fill in the fom on our contact page and tell us a little bit about your project. We will be happy to get back to you with a soloution.